May 20

1 Peter 2:4-10 / Read

Peter began this passage referring to Jesus as “the living Stone” (vv. 4), then referenced two Old Testament passages that describe Jesus as “cornerstone” (vv. 6 and 7). These two images together helped his audience (and help us today) understand that Jesus is the foundation, the beginning and the orientation point of the Christian Church, the spiritual house of God that he inhabits by his Spirit.

While Peter and other followers of Jesus at the time believed these things to be true of Jesus, the majority of the world did not. Jesus was in their way - a “stumbling block” on their journey through life (vv. 8).

Take some time to consider and answer the following:

  • To what degree is Jesus your cornerstone - the orientation point of your life that guides your thoughts, speech and actions?

  • Is their anything about Jesus and his teachings that is hard for you to accept, believe or follow? If so, what makes it hard?

Peter goes on to declare that followers of Jesus share his identity. Their belief in him as the living Stone qualifies them to serve as living stones (vv. 5) in the spiritual house that God is building.

Community is an essential element to life as a living stone. Just as a building would never be defined as a single stone or a series of partial walls, Believer’s must live in healthy community if they are to reflect the impact that Jesus has had on their lives.

  • What might an individualistic Christian look like? What about a communal Christian? Is your faith marked more by individualism or community?

Based on today’s readings and the reflection prompts above, what is grabbing your attention most? Is it a word of encouragement or a word of challenge? (Remember that God brings both on the basis of love.)

After you’ve had a chance to identify what you sense God saying to you, spend time praying with him and ask him to show you specifically how you can respond to his Word in obedience.