May 23

Psalm 27 (Part 2) / Read

Yesterday we reflected on David’s relationship with the Lord and saw how it had become the source of his confidence. David had become convinced of the Lord’s love for him and that enabled him to fearlessly face adversity.

Today we shift our focus to the strategy that David seemed to employ when confronted with hard times. Let’s consider his approach and invite the Lord to teach us through it.

  • Re-read vv. 1-6 of this psalm. How did David begin? Where was his focus throughout these verses? What do these verses reveal about what David believed about God?

  • Now re-read vv. 7-12. What is the focus of these verses? What was David seeking from God?

  • How did David end this psalm? What was he saying in vv. 13-14?

Let’s review how David prayed: First, he began by focusing on the Lord; he reminded himself who God was and all that he had because he was God’s (vv. 1-3). Second, he reminded himself of what was ultimately important: being with God (vv. 4). Victory and success didn’t matter if he didn’t have his relationship with the Lord. Third, he presented his requests to God, all the time reminding himself to seek God’s will rather than his own (vv. 7-12). Lastly, he concluded his prayer in willful submission to God’s timeline, even if that meant waiting until heaven (“the land of the living”) to see victory (vv. 13-14).

Focus on the Lord; prioritize a relationship with him; ask him to act; seek his will; submit to his timing. This was David’s prayer strategy.

  • How do you tend to approach God in prayer? What about your approach is worth keeping and what might need to be re-worked?

  • What might God be saying to you as you reflect on David’s approach to prayer in this psalm? How do you sense him inviting you to change how you pray in order that you may live with more confidence and less fear?

Find some time today to pray about any challenge or difficulty you may be facing and put into practice what the Lord has taught you.