June 18

Proverbs 4 (Part 2) / Read

Just like we did yesterday, let us begin our time in God’s Word with prayer. The Bible isn’t just another input that we use to resource our lives - it is the revelation of true life and an invitation to find that life in a living relationship with God, specifically in the man Jesus Christ.

Talk with him now. Believe that he wants the best for us so badly that he is willing to tell us the truth about life and how to walk in that truth. Prepare yourself to listen for his voice as we study today’s passage.

Read through Proverbs 4 several times. Take your time with it to understand what is being communicated.

  • What most grabs your attention about this proverb? Is it an overarching idea or a particular word or phrase that stand out to you?

In vv. 23-27, Solomon (the author) offered a holistic approach to wise living: Guard your heart; speak purely; stay focused; think carefully; be steadfast.

There are times when we can be tempted to participate in a false argument: Are actions or intentions more important? “What’s bigger than what you do is who you are.” “No, I don’t care about your motivations so long as you’re making the world a better place.”

Solomon seems to have suggested that both actions and intentions are equally important and inextricably linked. “Heart” in the ancient world was the center of the personality, not just the seat of emotions as we often see it in our modern Western culture. So, Solomon said to be mindful of who you are at your core and guard it.

Avoid perverse language and speak only what is constructive and what blesses those who hear you. Don’t get distracted by the things that will steal your life, keep you from being productive and kill your soul. Take time to reflect on the direction of your life and whether or not it’s the best way to live. Keep doing all of these things even when you’re tempted not to.

  • Do you want to be a person who is wise and mature? What from this passage do you sense as the primary area in which you could grow in wisdom and maturity?

  • What do you need from God in order to grow in the area you identified?

  • What do you need to change about your life in order to grow in the area you identified?