June 5

Psalm 25 (Part 2) / Read

Dealing with enemies is a common theme of the Psalms. Within a biblical framework, enemies are those who oppose God and his way of living. As we seek to grow deeper in relationship with God and live in greater obedience to his Word, we can be assured that our association with him will lead to attack from his enemies.

  • What has it looked like for your to experience attack from God’s enemies? How have you been attacked in your activities, your relationships, your thoughts and emotions?

  • Is there any way in which you currently feel under attack?

When David (the author of Psalm 25) came under attack, his response was to lean into God’s character and identity. The Lord was his hope, his teacher, his guide, his Savior; he was merciful to David; he loved him and forgave him; he was faithful to him.

David also reminded himself of who he was without God: a rebellious sinner, lonely, afflicted, troubled in his heart, distressed and in need.

The good news of the Scriptures is that David’s God is our God - he is eternal and unchanging. We can know him as a loving Father and powerful King and call on him in times of trouble. We can believe that he will guard us and fight for us. And, because of the Good News of Jesus, we already have victory over our enemies - whether in this life or the next.

  • Reflect on your answers to the questions above. How are you currently dealing with attack? Do you tend to “toughen up” and go it alone or lean into God, admit your need and ask him to deliver you?

  • What about God’s character and identity as described in the psalm most stood out to you? What about who he is do you find most encouraging right now?

  • How would regularly reflecting on who God is and what he’s capable of change your outlook on life and your response to attack? What would it take for you to develop a daily rhythm of remembering who he is and how you need him?