July 5

1 Corinthians 2:6-16 / Read

In our previous reading from 1 Corinthians (see July 2), Paul wrote of the “foolishness” of the Gospel. The message of Jesus and the Cross doesn’t make sense when heard against the “wisdom” of the world: wisdom that believes that life is found in health, wealth and power that comes by being bigger, better, stronger, smarter. Instead, God declared in Christ that life is found through admitting our sin, acknowledging our weakness and accepting his grace.

In today’s reading, Paul shifts perspective to speak of the Gospel from the inside. When the message of the Cross is accepted, a person becomes part of a new reality that includes awareness of the mind of God. They understand God’s intentions for humans, his deep love for them and how to walk in that love. These things cannot be understood by the world yet make complete sense to anyone who enters through the door of the Cross.

Consider what Paul is saying… Believers share God’s Spirit with him! The deepest part of every believer is connected to the deepest part of God. He has held nothing back, but made every thought – every way of wisdom, meaning, purpose, life – available to his people.

How, then, do we access the mind of God? How can we know his thoughts and grow in our understanding of how to live according to his ways? Paul tells us over and over again that it is by the Spirit. Just as we need God to reveal to us the wisdom of Jesus and the Cross in order to accept it, so it is that we need him to continue to reveal his wisdom now that we’ve accepted it.

Take a moment to thank God for his grace and for holding nothing back from us. Then consider:

  • What stood out to you most from today’s reading and commentary?

  • If you are a Christian, to what degree are you pursuing growth in your relationship with God? How are you pursuing growth? Is it more strongly tied to your strength or your weakness?

  • In what area(s) of your life do you need to work to create space for God to grow you by the work of his Spirit?