August 7

Proverbs 12:1-14 / Read

  • How does vv. 1 strike you? Can you think of a real-life example in which this statement is true?

  • What is the connection between grace, humility and discipline?

  • What has it looked like for you to receive discipline, either from someone else (e.g. parent, teacher, job supervisor or spiritual leader) or from the Lord? Have you tended to receive it well or poorly? Regardless of your answer, think about why. Try to determine what it is within you that most determines how you receive and respond to correction.

  • Spend some time praying alone with God. Invite him to guide your understanding of discipline and how it relates to making you a wise person. As you do, what area of your life do you sense him leading you to focus on? What will you do to better embrace discipline (from him or other trusted voices in your life) in order to become mature and wise? How will Jesus and the Gospel help you?