September 30

Exodus 31:1-11 / Read

From Exodus Ch. 25 through Ch. 30, the Lord gave Moses detailed instructions for the creation of the Tabernacle (God’s dwelling place) and all of the activities that would go on in and around it as part of Israelite worship.

Moses had become known for his faithfulness to the Lord and, surely, he intended to carry out God’s plan. Yet, the tasks were detailed and took Moses outside of his skill set. The Lord had always made a way in the past, sometimes in dramatic fashion. In today’s reading, we see that this time the way came through other people he equipped with skill and his Spirit to complete the work.

  • Where is the Lord asking you to carry out his work? This may be something grand, as with the creation of the Tabernacle, or something seemingly mundane, like helping your children follow God or serving those in your neighborhood.

  • Where are you weak in your ability to carry out what God is asking of you?

  • Who in your life might God be offering as a resource to complete the work the Lord has for you? What might it look like for you to partner with this person in a healthy way, realizing that God - not you - is leading the work? If you’re not able to identify anyone, spend time praying that God would provide someone for you.