Here We Go!

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We've said from Day 1 that we are a church who desires to fulfill Jesus' command to make disciples"Disciple" comes from a Greek word that can be translated "learner" - more specifically, learner in the sense of pupil to a teacher or apprentice to a master craftsman.  Therefore, our desire is to help people learn from Jesus how to build a life worth living.

In order to help others, we must first be learners ourselves.  Part of learning means taking in information, which is why we listen to trusted Bible teachers and study the Bible as individuals.  Real learning, however, must also be lived out - information must transform our actions if we are to claim that we've truly learned something.

"What I Meant To Say" is one of the ways in which we who are Sycamore strive to help one another live out the words of Jesus.  Sometimes I say too much and sometimes too little; sometimes my thoughts don't come out of my mouth as clearly as they're formed in my head.  These posts intend to bridge that gap and highlight the primary takeaways for living more fully in the identity and activity of Jesus.