March 2

2 // Psalm 19 / Read

  • What is David (the author) saying in vv. 1-6? Which of his mental pictures grabs your attention?

There is a connection between reflection and revelation - that is, taking time to slow down, to be alone and to observe what is happening in the world is an important component of becoming aware of God and growing to know him more deeply.

Take a 10-minute timeout with God. Seriously, right now. Get to a quiet space, put away your phone and put down your worries. If you can look at the sky, the woods or an open space - great. Either way, reflect on the following:

  • What is going on in your world right now? What just works that you have no input or control over? Where is God in all of that?

  • As you sit in silence, invite him to give you a word about himself. What do you sense him saying to you about who he is? How does that word encourage you? How does it inform your life?