March 22

22 // Hebrews 11:17-19 / Read; Genesis 22:1-18 / Read

This dramatic moment in Abraham’s life reveals the outcome of his journey of faith: a man with high character and deep trust in the Lord no matter what the cost. For those who long to follow the Lord today, it is important to note that God’s test of Abraham in Genesis 22 was not his first. His faith had been challenged in many ways prior to this moment, but never to this degree. God had used those challenges to prepare him for success in his greatest challenge.

Take some time to reread the passage and “live it” through Abraham. Imagine what he was thinking and feeling throughout:

  • What was it like for him to hear God’s instructions in vv. 2?

  • What was the 3-day journey like for him to the mountain where the sacrifice was to take place (vv. 3-6)?

  • How did Isaac’s question in vv. 7 hit Abraham?

  • What was the moment at the altar like for him in vv. 9-10?

Thousands of years later, God himself would allow his Son to be bound to the altar of the cross as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. This time, however, he did not stop the knife from dropping. The Father watched as his Son was killed and their relationship broken.

The horror of that moment was driven by tremendous love. Jesus wasn’t crucified out of the Father’s anger, but out of his deep desire to be reconciled with people - that whoever would trust in his gift of grace in Jesus would live in relationship with him forever.

  • Consider what you sense God asking you to do with your life. Where are you holding back from following him? What area(s) of your life are “off limits” to God?

  • Reflect on God’s love for you in Christ. He has held nothing back from you. Every good thing he has is yours in Christ. Do you believe that? How would believing that change your understanding of trust in God and obedience to his commands?