April 25

25 // Exodus 4:29-5:23 / Read

Moses and Aaron began their journey of obedience to God’s call by talking with the leaders of the Hebrew people in Egypt. They shared their story, detailing how the Lord had dramatically revealed himself and promised freedom for his people. Their story was backed up by the signs from God that he had commanded Moses to do before the people.

The result from the Hebrew people was belief and worship. We can almost hear the cry of “Finally! God really is good after all! He has heard us and he will rescue us. Our hope was not in vain!”

It must have been a deeply profound and personal moment for everyone involved and it was likely a great boost of confidence for Moses and Aaron. Surely they felt encouraged and equipped to face Pharaoh.

Unfortunately, things did not go well with Pharaoh. In fact, things got much worse for God’s people. By the end of Chapter 5, the Egyptians were persecuting the Hebrews more than ever, the Hebrews were enraged and resented Moses and Aaron, and Moses was questioning God’s character and intentions.

  • Can you imagine what Moses and the Hebrew people were going through in this moment? Can you relate to them in any way based on what you’ve been through in the past or, perhaps, what you’re going through right now?

  • Have you ever felt mislead or let down by God? Have you ever hoped in his promises only to experience frustration and failure in the very direction that you were convinced he was leading you? If so, what was your response in that moment? Why did you respond the way you did?

In Jesus Christ, there is a man whose trust in God and obedience to his commands led him to ridicule, persecution, abandonment and death. Yet, if you believe in him, this man who was seen as a failure on the cross you now know as your victory through the empty tomb. He has become your hope for the future.

  • How does the reality of Jesus impact how you view the circumstances of your life? How do hard times give you the opportunity to identify and connect with him?

  • To what degree does Jesus motivate and empower your obedience to God’s commands? How does your commitment to God no matter what reveal the Resurrection in you?