June 24

Proverbs 8 (Part 1) / Read

We learn several significant things about the wisdom of God with a first reading of this passage:

  • Wisdom is available to anyone who wants it (vv. 1-4);

  • Wisdom is more valuable than material possessions (vv. 10-11, 18-19);

  • Wisdom is foundational to life; walking in wisdom is walking in the life God intends for his people (vv. 22-31).

Every one of these is good news! Isn’t it encouraging to know that God does not hide his wisdom away like a puzzle that we may or may not be able to unlock? Even in the craziness of life, he ensures that the right way to live in any given moment is available to us. We can see it. In fact, the way of wisdom even calls out to us.

There is no prerequisite for being a wise person according to this passage. We don’t need to be book learned or have a particular degree or experience. We don’t have to we wealthy or have achieved certain status in our community. The wisdom of God is given freely apart from our performance.

Yet not all live wisely. What, then, characterizes a person who receives wisdom? It would seem from the passage that a wise person:

  • Looks for it (vv. 17, 34-35)

  • Listens to it (vv. 1-4, 32-34)

  • Lives it (vv. 10, 20, 32)

To look for wisdom requires that we acknowledge our need for it; to listen to wisdom requires humility; to live in wisdom often requires faith.

Take some time to reflect on this passage and the prompts above. Invite God to guide your thinking and your application of his Word. Then consider:

  • What is grabbing your attention and why? Be as specific as you can.

  • What from this passage do you find most encouraging? What do you find most challenging?

  • How do you sense God leading you to live differently in light of this passage? What specific step(s) might he be leading you to take?