September 9

Exodus 22 / Read

Today, we continue reading the laws that God gave his people through Moses. Read through the entire chapter once and take note of what most grabs your attention. Then consider the following:

  • What does today’s reading reveal about God?

  • Imagine for a moment that you are a person hearing God’s law for the first time. How would you describe your initial reaction to it? (e.g. encouraged, secure, anxious, burdened) Why?

A false understanding of Christianity is “obey God so that he’ll love you.” This leads to a performance-based, transactional relationship with him. As we’ve seen throughout Exodus, however, God’s love for his people was constant and independent of their allegiance to him. He wanted them, pursued them and rescued them whether they were walking with him or away from him.

In truth, Christianity encourages people to “obey God because he loves you.” He’s proven that he’s devoted to you no matter what and he’s shown you the way to life - so walk in it. Doing so is proof that you trust him and one way that you can love him in return.

  • What place do God’s laws have in your life? In other words, to what degree do you allow God to shape how you live?

  • Be honest: Do you tend to see obedience as the way to get God or as a response to God?

Spend some time in prayer with the Lord. Invite him to lead you to the one thing he wants you to take away from today’s reading. What do you sense him saying to you?